Your Voice

Most of us struggle with finding our creative identity. When we create our work, it's important to ask, "Is this me?" Is our work representative of what we feel about the universe, or something in particular? Are we saying what we want to say and how we want to say it? We can learn all the techniques to create good work, but that's the easy part, and funny enough that's the part a lot of people focus on. What camera to buy, what lighting to use, what software to edit with, and so on. But are we focusing on our ideas? On narratives? On personality? If we aren't, then we're simply prolonging the journey it takes to find our creative identity.

Many, if not most, successful creatives got to where they are because they focused on these things. They got the hard parts covered and worried about the easy shit later. And that's what we should do. Being critical and questionable of everything we create allows us to find our voice.