“What you’re afraid of is not fear, what you’re afraid of is yourself.”
— James Victore

I'm afraid of a lot of things. I'm afraid of moving to New York. I'm afraid of every email I send. I'm afraid of where Emmazed will be in the future. I'm afraid of doing something I've never before. But that fear, that discomfort, is where I have to be; it's where YOU should be. Without that fear, there'd be no iPhone, Airplanes, Lightbulb, Twitter. There'd be no greatness.

Open the door when fear knocks. Invite him/her. Laugh with fear. Play with fear. Travel with fear. But don't forget to bring courage along the journey. Courage will help you narrow your focus and will allow you to stumble, not fall.

Fear is where the good stuff is. Keep it on your shoulder. Never brush it off.