iPhone 7: First Impression

If you’re not getting the iPhone 7 because of no headphone jack, will you not get the next iPhone, too? It’s a valid question because there’s no alternative iOS smartphone. Frankly, this feels like a major shifting point for Apple’s consumers because they can either trust Apple’s vision for a wireless future, or jump ship to a library of devices powered with Android.

It’s interesting to hear concerns from friends about the iPhone 7. Some say they might switch to Android, some say they’ll stick with their current iPhone, and others, like me, will buy the latest and greatest from Apple because why the hell not?

I trust Apple’s decisions when they remove a piece from a product. When Apple killed the MacBook Pro’s optical drive, I was fine with it. At that time, streamable content and downloadable software were available. When Apple decided to remove Flash support on their mobile devices, I was fine that, too. At that time, HTML’s speed and security seemed more compelling than Adobe Flash’s lack of security and speed. Me, among others were fine with these decisions. And those who weren’t? They were free to switch to Windows, and I wonder how many did. But look, Apple is aware of their decisions and they’re willing to take the risk. Steve Jobs’ message in this 3-minute video supports Apple’s belief of having courage (AKA big aluminium balls) to take out a “fundamental” piece from their products.

Apple is pushing companies, and in part consumers, to adopt a wireless future, because eventually it’ll become more convenient than the wires we’re tied to (pun intended).

Funny thing is, Apple is the only company in the world that could get away with killing the headphone jack. If Samsung did this, people would loose their collective shit and buy a different Android device (that doesn’t blow up). Apple is all about their vision for technology, and we forget that until they do things that consumers don’t agree with. It’s funny because the same people complaining about tangled headphones are the same ones blowing steam about no headphone jack.

But other than the death of the iPhone’s headphone jacks, the iPhone 7 injects new, advanced technology into the worlds most used camera. From OIS on the regular-sized iPhone to a wider aperture for better low-light images, there’s a variety of changes that make this arguably the most intuitive camera in the world. The iPhone 7 packs a heavy weight of new features that I’m sure folks will enjoy, and I can’t wait to talk about them in my full review. But for now, let’s calm down. It’s alright. Breath. You’ll live with or without a headphone jack. 

If you replace the word headphones with anything else in this video, maybe you’ll realise how crazy we’re acting.