There's no Plan B

What happens if you don't make it?
How about if it fails?

I've never wanted to put myself in the situation of having a Plan B. People have always asked me, "What if the things you're passionate about don't work out? What if all you're doing doesn't matter?" But in reality, when you garner the thought of a Plan B, you dismantle the devotion of something you're passionate about. 

Having a Plan B, for me, demolishes the singular focus towards my career. It results in me losing focus of what matters and why it matters. Without a Plan B, I know that if I fail, then I fail hard, which causes me to give the things I do my all—I put 100% of my efforts into my work.

I think this way for the things I create, and I'll grow with this mindset for the risks I take. Mentioning this gives you a glimpse of the dedication and effort being made to make Emmazed an amazing passion project. 

Don't worry about a Plan B; focus on your Plan A, because that's what's going to let you make a ripple in the ocean instead of a splash.