Year One


Curiosity. Does it create a sensation to fill a breathless voice, or is it just a drug trickled along our hearts? Curiosity fuels our desire to express significance within what we deem significant, because after all, what’s heavier than the weight of our interests? 

Our questions define us, and their answers strengthen us. The one true thing that diversifies us is our perspectives, but what unites us is our curiosity. This curiosity has been celebrated for a year on this blog, but today isn’t a day for celebration, it is a day for appreciation. This is an appreciation of an idea born from curiosity.

It’s about believing in something so meaningful that has the power to change perspectives and lives; it’s about creating something for those who silence dogma, it’s about showcasing people behind unique ideas, and it’s most importantly about creating something for you. 

Your support has fueled the underlying pursuit of creators and the created—and I deeply thank you for that. Not only can I thank you, my readers, but also those who took the chance to embed their names and stories within this blog, your words have inspired more people than you think. 

Here’s to a new beginning; a beginning fueled by ideas, curiosity, and love. 

Always celebrating,

Emmazed Photog has always lived by the motto "Always celebrating creators and the created," so today, I focused on unique individuals who I've had the privilege to interview. These people have answered a question that signifies a manifesto that has kept this website alive. 

I'd like to think that I celebrate ideas within my work, seeing as ideas are where every piece begins. Translating these abstract concepts into something visual is a process of growth and problem solving. Being able to realise the finished result of something that was once just a thought or feeling is the best kind of satisfaction and it drives me to create.
Kemi Mai
My work is celebrated in the form of my relationships I have built throughout the year with my subjects. It's about experimenting with different styles and letting me be myself.
Larsen Sotelo
Whether it's purely visual or more traditional, the common thread that I think ties my work together and compels me as a film maker is storytelling. When I receive a brief my first aim is to refine the story so it's as compelling as it can be. If there isn't a narrative, I will always try to find a way to develop one that amplifies the core idea.
 — Mark Jenkinson
Freedom. Its all about freedom. Why wouldn’t you want to be free? Freedom isn’t really a right, its something that you have to take from yourself.
Tyler Shields
Life is made up of more than the "perfect" moments, but the ordinary moments of everyday life that fill in the gaps. These simple, unassuming moments are worth their weight in gold. These are the moments I seek to celebrate in my work.
Kyle Steed
I try to celebrate a little bit of my life with whatever it is I create. Everything I've ever done collectively has lead to me doing what it is I'm doing now; wonder and color or the feelings of darkness and light. These different bits attribute to who I am as a person.
Joshua Anderson
The one thing that I always want in my work is when I appreciate it coming out with that perfect balance of sophistication and whit—I love that. Whit expresses a little bit of humor, whit expresses a hint of sophistication, and hopefully it's smart as well.
Russ and Reyn
I celebrate the confidence of going with my instincts and trusting myself to do the work that I believe in, whether I have done it before or not.
Leta Sobierajski
It’s simply about showing my point of view.
Ike Edeani

I hope you've enjoyed the content on this website the past few months, but remember that this is only the beginning of something great. Exciting things will be coming to Emmazed Photog in the near future. Stay tuned.

Celebrating creators and the created for one year