Tyler Shields


My believe for honouring creatives is charged by the pursuit of contributing towards the creative community. This pursuit has led me to introduce a weekly series named "Framed". Framed allows you to gain insight and perspective from creatives all around the world in a visual and textual form.

This weeks Framed contributor is Tyler Shields, an American photographer, film director, writer, and past Emmazed interviewee.

My name is Tyler Shields. I am a 32 year old man who lives in the United States and enjoys ice cream.

Everyday I try to better myself and create the best things I possible can. What I notice about a lot of people is that after food, sleeping, hanging out, and entertainment, they spend only 4% of their time working at what they love. My goal was to get that up to 70-80%. If you really take a long look at your life, you can see how much time you can put into doing the things you love, and the time you waste doing mindless nonsense. I have tried to cut out the things that truly don’t matter, which vary for different people. Some people drink too much, watch to much TV, over-think things, and others worry too much. When I was younger I would try to plan a lot of things in a shoot, but then I stopped that. I just let myself go, which resulted in the work I produce now.

I think it's important that you don't let your camera own you. One thing I notice from people I know is that they are scared of their cameras. Your camera doesn't own you. It doesn't control you. It's your tool, use it how ever you feel it needs to be used. The really important thing is that you actually use it, otherwise it'll just become an expensive paper weight.

My entire life people have told me things would be impossible: “You will never direct movie. You will never be a photographer. You will never be a writer. You will never, you will never, you will never.” People still do it to me even to this day, because I have found that people can’t see what you are capable of until you show them.

Creativity is about being fearless. Fear is what stops people. It controls them and I think its the worst thing that can happen to an artist.